GYB Machinery + Minery

Static Content Web Development Project

GYB is a well known mexican brand for more than 30 years. The company is refreshing it's blood and with it, new challenges came in, like refresh a brand which hadn't suffered any visual changes since its conception.

We at Blue Terrier Studio took the project when the company was suffering changes not only in its structure, but in it's business model, expanding their engineering services to the minery, sale and rent of heavy weight machinery and spare parts sale for minery equipments.

We decided to create a corporate identity which reflects the experience and keep the original logo idea, that was created by one of the brand founders.


gyb logo del proyecto web
gyb maquinaria pesada y formas orgánicas
gyb tipografía y aplicaciones
gyb más aplicaciones de la marca
gyb aplicaciones papelería
gyb página web
gyb página web en iPad o tablet
gyb página web para dispositivos móviles

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